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                                Project analysis
                                Customer feedback
                                WuHan University
                                Building aspects:

                                3d网上福彩投注站 The building was located in Wuhan China,ancient buildings was built in 1930 ,it is known as "one of the most beautiful ancient buildings of universities in the world". The most representative buildings of this university was Sakura Garden, when repaired in 2007,applied GRASi WP1323, WP1321 and consolidation agent on the construction of the wall, floor and roof to do the overall protection.

                                Quality requirements:
                                To improve carbonization state of  building, delay the construction of further carbonization, reinforcement brick walls which have been weathered, prevent construction from the infiltration of moisture and water seepage , ensure the repair plan requirements, do not change the appearance of ancient buildings, to show the high quality of repairing old look like the old .
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